Metal Braces for Children and the Top-Rated Orthodontist approach for success.

It can be scary if your child needs braces at a young age. But in working with an experienced orthodontist, you can feel comfortable your child will be in good hands. Top-rated orthodontists have a calculated approach and will make sure an individualized treatment plan is used throughout the entire treatment process. At Knapp Orthodontics, we provide nothing but the best care.

There are many factors a family should consider if a child needs orthodontic treatment. If you’re wondering what top orthodontists in Michigan are thinking, you’ve come to the right place:

Introduce the Family to Orthodontics

Getting everyone on the same page is important, especially when we are talking about teeth. As some people have misconceptions about dentistry, an orthodontist’s first goal is to make sure both the parents and child are comfortable with orthodontic treatment. At Knapp Orthodontics, we provide families with a free consultation in which we cover types of treatment, including braces, Invisalign aligners and all related orthodontic appliances. And of course, if you have any questions, we will always answer them.

Evaluate Child for Braces

A good orthodontist will conduct a thorough examination to see if orthodontic treatment is required. In general, it’s recommended that children are evaluated at the age of seven. Evaluation at a young age allows your orthodontist to determine when treatment should start, as care can start as early as the age of seven – or can be pushed until a later age if not needed early. Additionally, if you know your child will need braces in the future, you can start saving for orthodontics costs earlier, which is always a plus.

Discuss Payment Options

Speaking of cost, your Grand Rapid’s orthodontist should talk about pricing and offer orthodontic payment plans before starting any treatment plan. Braces can cost upwards of $6,000, so it’s important to understand payment and financing options. Knapp Orthodontics knows how important affordable treatment is, and we have partnered with OrthoFi to provide flexible payment plans for families. Some dental insurance plans cover a portion of treatment cost, so make sure to take a look at the fine print. And as always, saving early on can save you money in the long run.

Set Orthodontics Plan in Motion

If your child needs braces, the evaluation will inform your orthodontist about the timeline and type of orthodontics treatment. As it requires commitment to positively change your smile, it’s worth the time and money to ensure your child feels confident about their teeth.

The specialists at Knapp Orthodontics have worked with thousands of patients and have the experience to provide specialized care to your child. We take pride in knowing we can help create confident smiles that are affordable for families. If you think your child may need braces in the future, give us a call. Our team of orthodontics professionals are here to walk you and your child through potential treatment, timeline and cost.



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