What is the best age to get braces?

Want to know the best thing about orthodontic treatment? You can get it at any time. There are no age restrictions for getting braces or clear aligners. If you want to change something about your smile, you can do so at any point in your life!

Here at Knapp Orthodontics in Grand Rapids, we take pride in providing orthodontic care and treatment for all ages. Whether you’re looking to receive an orthodontic recommendation for your child or want to receive treatment yourself, we have a solution for you.

Kids Age 6-10

It’s common to receive orthodontic treatment at a young age, and an examination between the ages of 6-10 has its advantages. Dr. Knapp and the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommend every child receive an orthodontic examination by the age of 8. When checking up with a certified orthodontic specialist they can determine whether early treatment is needed to correct crowding or a skeletal imbalance such as a crossbite. Early treatment can prevent serious problems arising in the future, such as tooth extraction or surgery as a teenager or adult.

Teenagers Age 11-18

It’s important to note that even if a child does not receive an orthodontic evaluation early on in life, teenagers can still go through successful orthodontic treatment. Often, as kids develop, so do their smiles. Sometimes, fully developed teeth can become crooked, causing your smile to be less than aesthetically pleasing. No matter the case, Dr. Knapp uses advanced orthodontic treatment systems to treat alignment, bite and jaw issues. Whether your teen wants a more attractive smile or is having problems with his or her bite, Knapp Orthodontics can help.

Adults Age 18+

Never had braces or Invisalign before? No problem. Forgot to wear those retainers after your parents put you through initial orthodontic treatment? We can help with that, too. Adults receive orthodontic treatment all the time – and for various reasons. The Knapp Orthodontics team provides adult patients with a variety of affordable, convenient treatment options, including Invisalign and clear braces, so you can straighten your teeth without any hassle. We believe you deserve a smile that will last, and with our personalized treatment plan, we’ll work together, so you can make your dental goals a reality.

As we claim, “There are no limits to what a smile can do,” we extend the mantra to the age of our patients. Although our patient base ranges from kids to fully grown adults, the one thing that all our patients have in common is commitment. If you are committed to changing your smile long-term, our treatment options will work wonders. If you’re ready to commit to a lifetime of amazing smiles, schedule a free consultation with us, today. We’ll make sure to discuss custom treatment options, treatment length and affordable orthodontic choices, so you can start on your successful dental journey.



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