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affordable treatment

There should be no walls between you and a limitless smile. We believe everyone deserves the confidence to break down barriers, and by partnering with OrthoFi, we’ve created the door for you to do so.

Dr. Knapp was born and raised in West Michigan and he knows how hard his patients work to earn their living. Therefore, we offer industry-leading flexibility in our financing and no one is ever denied flexible payment plans.


Jenny is a teacher whose daughter Beth has a deep bite with crooked upper and lower teeth. Treatment is going to last 20 months and we’re going to see Beth every 6 to 8 weeks.

Investment: $199 down and $199/month for 26 months


Brad is a firefighter who has crooked upper and lower teeth and wants a healthier and more pleasing smile that will help maintain his gum health and smile more confidently in photos. His insurance benefit is $1,000.

Investment: $250 down and $139/month for 26 months


Mary is a local pastor and she had braces as a teenager but hasn’t worn a retainer in years and notices significant crowding and shifting of her upper and lower teeth. She wants a clear, removable option and decides on Invisalign.

Investment: $500 down and $190/month for 20 months


Cheryl is in the National Guard and her son Kyle has a cross bite that needs to be corrected before all of his adult teeth are in. Cheryl isn’t expecting any insurance contribution.

Investment: $500 down and $129/month for 12 months

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