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At Knapp Orthodontics we use the most advanced orthodontic treatment techniques and systems ever developed. This means beautiful smiles and excellent results in fewer appointments and less total time in treatment.

Learn about our unique systems for Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment, Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces, Invisalign® and 3M Clarity™ clear aligners, and Lingual Braces below. At your free orthodontic consultation Dr. Knapp will discuss which type of orthodontic treatment will best serve you.

phase 1 or early orthodontic treatment

Every growing child is unique and that is why Dr. Knapp and the American Association of Orthodontists recommend an orthodontic examination before age 8. At Knapp Orthodontics, we recommend beginning orthodontic treatment when it will make the total time and monetary investment the most efficient for your family. Beginning orthodontic treatment at the ideal age can eliminate complex dental work such as extractions and unnecessary surgery in the future.

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metal braces

Metal braces are the most common and what people think of when they picture the word braces. However, the metal braces we use at Knapp Orthodontics are far from the ones of the past. We have partnered with 3M® to develop a system of braces and archwires that are much smaller, comfortable, and efficient. This means greater comfort, less total time in treatment, and amazing results in fewer appointments. This system consists of 3 main components: a miniature bracket or the “brace”, the archwire which straightens the teeth, and the tie or color band that holds the archwire into the bracket.

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ceramic or clear braces

Ceramic braces are clear to conceal the braces for a more natural appearance while in treatment (or you can pick fun colors!). We have partnered with 3M® to develop a brace formed from a translucent ceramic material that blends effortlessly with the color of your teeth. The benefits of this new ceramic material go beyond translucency and also provide exceptional comfort and treatment results. Although ceramic braces can be more expensive (at other offices), at Knapp Orthodontics, they are not! You no longer have to choose between clear and metal!

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Invisalign® and 3M Clarity™ clear aligners

Invisalign® and 3M Clarity™ clear aligners are a virtually invisible way to achieve a beautiful smile and healthy bite. Both Invisalign® and 3M Clarity™ clear aligners are clear aligner systems that are comprised of a series of clear custom-made molded trays that fit over your teeth. Each week you change to a new tray, gradually straightening your teeth and correcting your bite. Since there are no metal wires or braces, Invisalign® and 3M Clarity™ clear aligners are great for people that want a less-noticeable appearance during treatment.

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lingual braces

Lingual braces are unique because instead of being placed on the front of the teeth they are placed on the back, which is called the lingual. These “hidden” braces are invisible from the outside and custom-made to fit the backside of each tooth. If you are looking for a less noticeable way to straighten your teeth, lingual braces are worth considering.

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